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De geitenwollensokjesMeet the crew

                                                   Yamal                                                                   Architecture student & student assistent Master of Urbanism. Yamal is into font, has a huge book collection about fonts and types, his favorite is Helvetica. Another interest of him is bikes, last summer he has cycled from Delft to Barcelona with some friends.

                                                                 Judith                                                    Industrial design student, international student coach. currently living in Delft. Plays tennis since she is 10 years old. She is into traveling  She will be moving to Scandinavia to start her Master when she finished her world trip which she planned to start next year.

                                                         Rita                                                                       Architecture student, professional barista. Into interior design/styling, and coffee. Hopes to learn allot from this minor, especially designing on smaller scale. Dreams about amazing interior all day. She prefers fur over wool.

                                                      Wilma                                                           Industrial Design student. Into surfing, photography and making music. Plans on moving to Indonesia one day to capture beautiful pictures of random people surfing. She owns more knitted clothing then anyone else.                                        

So we are ‘de Geitenwollensokjes’ or to pronounce this in a proper way in english; the woolly socks. All students at the Technical University in Delft, the Netherlands. We started this project Augmenting prototypes which is part of the advanced prototyping minor.

 Augmenting prototypes is divided in different projects. Check the blogroll ⇒     of the other projects that are going on at the moment if you’re interested. We are working on Digital knitting.

Digital knitting is an open-sourced tool to knit your own clothing from digital files. Wally, is what the first openknit machine is called. Gerard is the great mind about all this open sourced digital knitting. Take a look at his website for more background information and other cool stuff about Wally and what he is doing so now and then. Klick the following link www.openknit.org

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