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The woolly socks – Geitenwollensokjes

”We are The Woolly socks, but we like to call ourselves de Geitenwollensokjes.”

In this project we will be working on the improvement and enlargement of the Wally 120. Wally 120 is an open-source digital knitting tool to create clothing from digital files. With this tool it will be possible to knit your own sweater, scarf, beanie or socks in less than an hour.

Wally 120 is the name given to this knitting tool. The number 120 behind it refers to the amount of needles used by the machine.                                   

                           CDlMoshvgX0liepgAAG8T9cBoqSLp4Hn7v6_lHUKWMM                                                                                                                                        This is Wally 120 

This first week we got introduced into Wally’s world and got the assignment to improve Wally 120 and enlarge it to a size of a machine with 340 needles instead of 120, which will be called Wally 340. We learned about the bugs that are still in Wally 120 and troubles that were found during the process.

To get to know Wally we had to completely strip down the machine and rebuild it back together.

Stripping down the machine wasn’t that hard, but while putting it all back together we bumped into all the little bugs and parts that will need more focus on. They didn’t all fit back in so easily because of the precisely detailed design. We will need to be this detailed as well when we will be designing our new parts.

The puzzle parts were spread out all over the working space. As you can see we did it all pretty neat. We stripped Wally 120 down piece by piece. We labeled and numbered all the parts in the following order so that we would be sure we were able to put it all back together. We made pictures of every single step to prevent mistakes.

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