Science Fair

 Unfortunately Wally340 is not completed, but we will make something pretty out of it today. Here are some last shots of our work. 

foto 2

The needlebeds, carriage and encoder rack hanging on the frame

foto kopie 2

Our knitting board

foto 1 kopie


N.B: Some of the parts of this knitting machine – especially the parts that need to be 3D printed and lasercut – don’t have any tolerances. We really don’t want you to make wrong prints or lasercuts, so please read the following tips carefully:

  • This design includes many parts that need to be printed many times. Make sure you first make a test print to see if your print comes out well. If not you could change either the settings of the printer or the dimensions of the part.
  • The perspex that needs to be cut is sensitive. When we first cut it, some parts were bended and not accurate because of the settings of the laser. Perspex is not cheap, so first make sure the settings of the lasercutter are right!
  • Try to order as much parts as possible at the same website. This will save you shipping and service costs.

Read the Bill of Materials, we have it here for you:

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-28 om 10.00.13
Schermafbeelding 2014-10-28 om 09.57.40

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-28 om 09.57.47


 Bill of materials – Wally340 – Sheet1

We did some hard work, so find us at our digital knitting stand on the Science Fair at the Faculty of Industrial Design today, 28th of November. Our fellow Minor students are presenting their projects just like we will.

Oktober 28th 2014 - Science fair 1230-1600 hours.

Oktober 28th 2014 – Science fair. Faculty of Industrial Design Technical University Delft  adress: Landbergstraat 15 2628 CE Delft


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